Nourishing Club is an inspired catering, cooking and nutrition education business founded by accredited nutritionist Kate Levins (ATMS). We offer a range of delicious services; from catering events, to home-delivered meals, snacks and pantry staples, cooking classes, and so much more. 

The inspiration for a plant-centric offering began with a whole heap of curiosity around ingredient replacements; chia seeds can be used to replace an egg, you can make milk from nuts, and that lentils, hemp seeds and tempeh can be a viable protein replacement for meat. In short, we LOVE allergies and love catering to all requests. Utilising our background in nutrition, we always ensure that you receive a product that is balanced and satiating, too.  

We’re wildly passionate about the environment and think it’s important to live in line with the seasons, to reduce our carbon footprint, to recycle, compost, reduce waste and plastics. As such, our packaging for catering and meal delivery is is as sustainable as we can find– we use glass storage containers that are washed and reused at each delivery and cardboard that can be recycled. 

As a company, our purpose is to provide a quick and easy, nourishing options for busy people, new families, those looking to better their health, or the curious. Our food is designed for all; it’s delicious, kind to your body and the planet, easy on the digestive system, and truly good for you.